We anticipate more spectacular and inspiring film submissions this year. If you’d like to submit, visit FilmFreeway. If you have any questions, reach out to us via social media or email (ottawaadventurefilmfestival@gmail.com). Each film submitted is viewed by a team of organizers and then judged by a panel of community leaders. Selected films are promoted through social media, radio, and television.

Best in Show

40 Winters

40 Winters follows adventurer Simon Donato, professional obstacle course racer Ryan Atkins and ultra-runner Adam Campbell as they attempt to traverse the 11 peaks of the iconic Mt. Rundle ridge in a single day. With interviews from mountain legends such as Chic Scott, Charlie Locke, Will Gadd and Jack Firth, 40 Winters examines what it means to live and play in the mountains, have adventures, and most importantly come home safely.

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Directed by Drew Goldsack

People’s Choice

At What Price

Professional adventure and climbing photographer John Price explores the myth of ‘the perfect life’ that’s so pervasive in social media. Set in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies, this film ponders how to strike the balance as an artist between self-promotion and authenticity.

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Directed by Tommy Day

Environmental Spirit


SHIFT is a half-hour documentary about the indigenous youth from Carcross, Yukon who have spent the past 10 years converting traditional trails around their town in to a world-class mountain biking destination — and transforming their community and themselves along the way.

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Directed by Kelly Milner

Best Ottawa Film


The Jondachi river cuts its way through the jungles of the Napo Valley in Ecuador. For those who live with the river it provides more than a physical connection. It provides a connection that fills the spirit.

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Directed by Mike McKay